Book: The Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh


Death and Resurrection - The Popol Vuh

Sacred books, legends and myths of antiquity show the many meanings of “death”.  At times it speaks to death as the lack of spiritual values, but it also refers to “death” as the need to shift away from everything that is illusory in nature, and to the elimination of the wickedness we carry within in hidden parts of our psychology that today we do not even consider exists.

“And the Twins did not die because of the torments or the ferocious animals of Xibalba.  They invoked the sages and seers Xulu and Pacam, because they knew their death by fire was near.  They asked the sages to answer ‘no’ when the Lords of Xibalba asked them if their bones should be thrown off a cliff or hung from trees: ‘no, as they would be reborn’; and to answer ‘yes’ if they were asked to have their bones thrown into the waters, but to request their bones to be milled on a stone, each one separately, and to pour them where the river is born so the waters would disperse them throughout all of the mountains, big and small”

If we seek for the elimination of our psychological defects, then we need of a series of procedures that can work and complement each other.  We need of psychological self-observation, focusing our attention towards the inside of our psyche, but we also need of meditation to go deep into the analysis of the transactions and structure of our egos.  Beyond that, we also need to work with the fire and the water.

Our many “I’s” have a tremendous power over us and we need of a superior force to destroy them.  Fortunately we have that force, with us and in us, and it is symbolized by the fire of our particular Divine Mother.  It is this superior force the one that can actually destroy our psychological aggregates, but only through the comprehension that comes from self-observation and meditation.

The maximum power that can be used for our Divine Mother to eliminate our defects comes from the work with the water – our creative energy.  If we learn to channel and transmute those energies, we can make significant progress in this work.

“Then a great fire pit was set, with thick trunks to enliven the fire.  The Lords of Xibalba sent their messengers to bring and burn the Twins.  Master-Magi (Hunahpu) and Little-Solar-Priest (Ixbalanque), knowing of the proximity of their death, walked decisively down the path.  The Lords of Xibalba wanted to have some fun with them, but as the Twins arrived, they faced each other, extended their arms, and voluntarily threw themselves into the fire”

Quetzalcoatl created a fire pit and immolated himself to later be transformed into Venus, the Morning Star.  Hercules also created a fire pit on Mount Eta to incinerate himself.

This is all a clear signal on the path we must follow.  For us to achieve the Buddhist Annihilation, we must rely on observation and deep comprehension to enable the fire of our Divine Mother to eliminate the elements that make up our inhumane second nature.

“And the Lords of Xibalba celebrated the death of the Twins: ‘We have finally succeeded’ – they said, and they addressed the sages and the sages replied with what they had been told.  So the Lords of Xibalba milled the bones on a stone and tossed them on the river, but the remains did not travel far, as they settled at the bottom of the waters.  And they transformed into beautiful youngsters, and they had the same faces as Master-Magi (Hunahpu) and Little-Solar-Priest (Ixbalanque)”

The Phoenix emerges from its own ashes, stronger, much glorious than before.

The Twins are first burned, showing us we must endure the death of all our defects; and when their bones are tossed in the waters, it shows us the work that must be done with the pure waters of life; those are essential elements for an authentic radical transformation.  The bones are a symbol of death and being tossed in the waters is a representation of the use of our sexual force to battle our ego.

To complement all that has been said so far, the fire is the eternal masculine principle and the water is the eternal feminine principle.  When these forces are wisely combined, in a matrimony, but without spilling these waters, we can open any door and become holders of a key that can open all empires.

This work invites us to return to become one with our Interior Being and recover our long lost inheritance.  We must realize this physicality, though part of us, is not all.  There is a spiritual realm of existence that we must strive to conquer and these writings from the Popol-Vuh give us the secret on how to achieve so.

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