Book: The Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh


Death of the Lords of Xibalba - The Popol Vuh

All that has been shown in this book allows us to bring to an end our internal Babylon.  These psychological defects we must eliminate are the Egyptian Red Demons of Seth and the 400 southerners spoken among the Aztecs in the myth of Huitzilopochtli.  They are the source of our inhumanity.

“And on the fifth day they appeared, they were seen in the waters, and they had the aspect of mermen”

The Five represents The Law, the water are the creative energies, and their fish-like aspect is reflective of the intense work that we must realize with the waters throughout our lives as part of the Perfect Matrimony.  We must learn to use our creative waters wisely, without spilling them (without eating of the forbidden fruit).

“The next day, two poor men appeared, their faces aged, their aspect miserable, and they were dressed in rags”

Humbleness is the door to reach wisdom and once reached, we then have to become even more humble.  As long as we are “rich”, it would be impossible for us to walk into the Kingdom of Heaven (the superior states of consciousness); and we are rich in theories, concepts, prides, vanities, self-importance, and self-sufficiency.

One of the worst defects is that of mythomania.  This pathological liar leads to the delirium of believing one is the reincarnation of or a savior of humanity, it brings the consideration of oneself being a great master, a very old soul, to be the selected one with a very special mission in life, etc.

The airs of grandeur, the belief that we are superior, believing that ‘at least I’m not like my neighbor’ or ‘not like my co-worker’, is a sure sign we are walking down the wrong path.

It is impossible to make a change if we already believe we are good people.  Our first step must be the acknowledgement that we live in a very lamentable state of constant daydreaming and in a deep sleep of consciousness.

“The two homeless did not do much; they danced the dance of the owl, the dance of the weasel, the dance of the armadillo, the dance of the centipede, and the dance of walking on stilts”

Dancing has always been considered sacred and a means to transfer information directly into the emotional center.  The purpose of the sacred dance has been to teach the great wonders of nature and the mysteries of the universe and the human being.  It should suffice to remember the dances of the whirling Dervishes who imitated the travels of the planets around the Sun.

Yet for this to be effective, dance for such purpose must be performed inspired by the aroma of mystical longing, with no financial interest or a desire to profit from it; it should be done only out of love for humanity.  Because as we put into practice positive emotion, we comply with the words of the Great Master Jesus when he said: “Love thy neighbor” demonstrating love with action.

They dance a variety of dances meaning the teaching must be delivered wholly, without taking anything away from it, as the truth, tough as it is at times, is our very best friend.

“And they performed prodigies; they burned houses and instantly restored them.  They would kill each other and then resurrect.  The Lords of Xibalba looked at their deeds with amazement”

Such prodigies, as the ones realized by the Great Master Jesus on the Holy Land, are the portent each human being possesses in potentiality.  The liberation of certain percentage of trapped consciousness from within our defects enables us the capacity to perform miracles.

“These wonders reached the ears of Supreme-Death (Hun-Came) and Principal-Death (Vucuc-Came) and they called for them, but the Twins made pretend they did not want to go and the messengers dragged them by force.  Once before them, they were commanded to ‘do their thing’ and their immediate action was to perform the different dances they knew; and all those from Xibalba gathered around and watched them”

It may seem that the work done uninterestedly for the benefit of others has nothing to do with the elimination of our defects, but that is an incorrect consideration.  Uninterested service is a tool that helps both ways: the one who receives the help and the one who offers it, as the more is given, the more is received.

Superior intelligences, whether we call them angels, masters, or superior beings, will inevitably help on the internal work of anyone who generously helps others.  These dances and prodigies (the sacrifice for humanity) enable receiving the necessary and sufficient divine help to help terminate the Lords of Xibalba.

“Then Supreme-Death (Hum-Came) asked for his dog to be sacrificed and then resurrected and the youngsters immediately agreed; they killed the dog and brought it back to life, and the dog was very happy to be back alive”

In Greek mythology there is a dog called Cerberus; he is the dog that accompanies the defunct to the Mictlan (the Aztec Hell).  Cerberus and Supreme-Death’s (Hun-Came) dog represent the very sexual impulse that must be liberated from the sinister forces of the Ego.  Giving it death means just that: liberation from the grasp of the Ego.  Returning it to life is akin to putting that sexual energy to its right use – bringing an end to lust.

“Supreme-Death asked for the destruction of his house and everything within it and of course, to see it all restored immediately; and Master-Magi (Hunahpu) and Little-Solar-Priest (Ixbalanque) burned it, instantaneously restoring it and everything in it, inclusive of the people who were inside”

The house of Supreme-Death (Hun-Came) is our cold, lunar, ghostly body that serves as the realm of the Ego and what they use to manifest their desires from moment to moment.  We must destroy these lunar bodies and to bring them back to life, means that we must transform them into bodies of splendor – into the Solar Bodies or the Wedding Garment of the Soul that enable the manifestation of the Innermost.

“Then they killed a man, removed his heart and raised it to the heavens; and with their dances and their magic they returned him back to life, and the man was very pleased”

The act of raising (or “offering”) a heart towards the heavens is a symbol that the work is not meant to be done intellectually; we must truly sacrifice the lower emotions of hatred, fear, vengeance, jealousy, envy, etc.  The sacrifice of these emotions involves the willingness to endure serious emotional grievances.

“Finally, Little-Solar-Priest (Ixbalanque) killed Master-Magi (Hunahpu), removed his arms, his legs and his heart… and then resurrected him”

This last action is profoundly significant, as the revolution of the consciousness requires of us to terminate all attachments with those close to us.  Our attachments cannot and must not be confused with the authentic love we must feel for them, to the contrary, authentic love will only emerge with the deep comprehension of the egos that develop our attachments to others.

As we study them closely, we learn that in our attachments we find egos of dependency, of self-love, vanity, fear, and dozens of others. Authentic, true love is completely disinterested; in it we find sacrifice: nothing is asked for self and everything is meant for the benefit of others.

“And so it came to be that the Lords of Xibalba felt the desire to experience the power of this magic for themselves: death and resurrection, and they asked the Twins to realize these prodigies in them.  So Master-Magi (Hunahpu) and Little-Solar-Priest (Ixbalanque) decapitated Supreme-Death (Hun-Came) and Principal-Death (Vucuc-Came), and their bodies fell heavily onto the floor under the stares of an ecstatic audience that observed their masters bleeding to death… but the impassive Twins did not bring them back to life”

This is the radical death of all our defects as well as the death of the negative fire of animal passion that lurks within us.  This is what RAMA (our essence) did to the RAKSASAS (the ego) in the RAMAYANA; this is what HORUS did to the Red Demons of Seth in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and what Huitzilopochtli did to Coyolxauqui (lust) and the other 400 Southerners (the innumerable defects) in the Aztec allegory.

And this is exactly what we must urgently do, this is our mission if we long to become one with the Sun, with our Being, to achieve the limitless happiness.

This is the true objective of our lives and that is what we are here for; not pursuing the internal work is inevitably a waste of time and any other path we undertake, not based on the elimination of our inhumane second nature via the death of all our defects, will lead us to failure.

“And the sons and servants of Xibalba fled to a cliff and took shelter on its precipice, and many ants came to dig them out and expose them, and they were defeated; only with a prodigy and a transformation were the Twins able to do so”

The disintegration of our “I’s” or psychological defects is a titanic task.  The quantity of tenebrous entities we carry within our psyche is innumerable and throughout ages of existences we have strengthened them.  They are submerged deep into our subconscious and for the most part, it is almost impossible to even notice them.

But the gnostic work represented by the ants – that consists on the actions of constant self-observation and the comprehension that emerges through meditation – can unearth these entities from within the sepulcher of our sub-consciousness so we can observe them, comprehend them, and disintegrate them.

Defeating our egos is possible through the prodigy of self-Gnosis: self-knowledge and the intimate transformation of every moment we live.

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