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54. The mantra AUM serves to open the chakras of the Grand Sympathetic Nervous System.

55. AUIM for the cavernous plexus of the Pituitary gland, the center of clairvoyance.

56. AUEM for the plexus of the Thyroid gland, the center of clairaudience.

57. AUOM for the heart, the center of Intuition.

58. AUM for the solar plexus, region of the epigastria, the telepathic center.

59. AUAM for the chakra of the lungs that allows us to remember our past lives.

60. AUM is a proto-tattwic mantra that allows us to awaken our tattwic powers. To chant it open the mouth with the vowel A, round it with the vowel U and close it with the M. Apply the same system for all the other mantras: AUIM, AUEM, AUOM, AUM, AUAM.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the Book: The Mysteries of Fire

**We suggest you first relax the mind and body and after, in that state, vocalize the indicated mantras. If you cannot do it verbally, then you can do it mentally. It can last the time you want, repeating the mantras as many times as you want to.


Tatwa. - Is the soul of the elements, the Nature’s vital power.
Proto-tattwic. - (proto: first) It refers to the origin of what has been created.
Chakra. - Magnetic center that, once it is developed with a righteous conduct and vocalization it could awake the senses we lost because our wrong way of living.


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