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Gnosis is Immortal Wisdom.

“Even if suffering bends your soul, be firm, Oh Disciple! And humbly surrender to your Mother Nature...” ― Samael Aun Weor ― (Read More)

live, online activities of the ICQ

From July 22nd to August 4th, 2024.

Gnostic lecture of the week.

Lecture of the Week

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Practice of the Week


The Mantra FE UIN DAGT. Read More

To be performed during the ICQ's rest time.

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Question of the Week

What is Peace and when does it emerge? Read More.

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What is the final liberation? Read More.

ICQ's Gnostic Calendar 2023

ICQ's Gnostic Calendar 2024:
Moon phases, real days, Zodiacal signs, Seasons of the year, activities of the ICQ.