The Great Rebellion

Chapter 29: The Holy Grial

The Holy Grail shines in the deep night of all ages.

Knights of the Middle Ages uselessly searched for the Holy Grail in the Holy Land at the time of the Crusades, but they did not find it.

When Abraham the Prophet was returning from the war against the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, it is said that he met with Melchizedek the Genie of the Earth.

Certainly, that Great Being was living in a fortress situated exactly in the place where Jerusalem, the city beloved by prophets, was later build.

The legend of the centuries says, and this is known by the divine ones and by humans, that Abraham celebrated the Gnostic Unction with the sharing of bread and wine, in the presence of Melchizedec.

It is not excessive to affirm that then Abraham surrendered tithes and his first fruits to Melchizedec as it is written in the Book of the Law.

Abraham received the Holy Grail from the hands of Melchizedek; much later in time this goblet ended up in the temple of Jerusalem.

There is no doubt that the Queen of Saba served as a mediator for this fact.

She went into Solomon's presence with the Holy Grail and after putting him to rigorous tests, she delivered unto him such precious jewel.

The Great Kabir Jesus drank from that goblet in the sacred ceremony of the last supper, as it is written in the Four Gospels.

Joseph of Arimathea filled the Chalice with the blood flowing from the wounds of the Adorable one on the Mount of Calvary.

When the roman police broke into the abode of the aforementioned Senator, they did not find this precious jewel.

Not only did the roman Senator hide the jewel which was so precious, but with it he also kept in the ground Longivus' spear with which the roman centurion had wounded the side of the Lord.

Joseph of Arimathea was jailed in a horrible prison because of not having wanted to hand over the Holy Grail.

When that Senator came out of jail, he went to Rome carrying the Holy Grail.

Arriving in Rome, Joseph of Arimathea encountered Nero's persecution against Christians and left by the shores of the Mediterranean.

An angel appeared to him in dreams one night and told him: “This chalice has great power, because the blood of the Redeemer of the World is in it”.

Joseph of Arimathea, obeying orders from the angel, buried such chalice at a temple on Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain.

With time, such chalice became invisible together with the temple and part of the mountain.

The Holy Grail is the vessel of Hermes, the cup of Solomon, the precious urn in all temples of mysteries.

The Holy Grail in the form of a goblet or cup in which was placed the manna of the desert, was never missing from the Altar of alliance.

The Holy Grail emphatically allegorizes the female YONI, within this holy cup is the nectar of immortality, the Soma of the mystics, the supreme drink of the Holy Gods.

The Red Christ drinks from the Holy Grail at the supreme hour of christification, thus it is written in the Gospel of the Lord.

The Holy Grail is never missing from the altar of the temple.

Obviously, the Priest must drink the wine of light from the Holy Cup.

It would be absurd to suppose a temple of mysteries inside which the blessed cup of all ages was missing.

This comes to remind us of Guinevere, the Queen of the Jinas, she who poured the wine for Lancelot in the delicious cups of SUFRA and MANTI.

The immortal Gods nourish themselves with the drink contained in the Sacred Cup; those who hate the Blessed Cup, blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

The Super-Man must nourish himself with the nectar of immortality contained in the divine chalice of the temple.

Transmutation of the creative energy is fundamental when one wants to drink from the Holy Vessel.

The Red Christ, always revolutionary, always rebellious, always heroic, always triumphant, drinking from the golden chalice raises a toast to the Gods.

Lift up your cup well on high and take care not to spill even a drop of the precious wine.

Remember that our ensign-motto is thelema (will).

From within the bottom of the chalice which is symbolic figure of the female sexual organ, flames spring which blaze on the glowing face of Super-Man.

The ineffable Gods of all the galaxies always drink the beverage of immortality from the eternal chalice.

Lunar coldness always produces involutions in time; it is necessary to drink from the sacred wine of light in the holy vessel of Alchemy.

The purple of the sacred kings, the royal crown and the blazing gold, they are only for the Red Christ.

The Lord of Lightning and Thunder, grasps the Holy Grail in his right hand and drinks the wine of gold to nourish himself.

Those who spill the Vessel of Hermes during chemical copulation, in fact become infrahuman creatures of the underworld.

All what we have written here, is fully documented in my book entitled “The Perfect Matrimony”.

Samael Aun Weor

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