The Great Rebellion

Chapter 28. Super-Man

One codex of Anahuac has said: “The Gods created men of wood and, after having created them, they merged them with the divinity”, but it adds afterwards: “Not all men achieve to integrate with the divinity”.

Unquestionably, before being able to integrate man with the real, first it is necessary to create man.

The intellectual animal mistakenly called man, is in no way man.

If we compare man with the intellectual animal, we will then be able to verify by ourselves the concrete fact that the intellectual animal, though physically resembles man, is psychologically absolutely different.

Unfortunately, they all think erroneously, suppose themselves to be men, qualify themselves as such.

We have always believed that man is king of creation; the intellectual animal has not even proved, up to the present date, to be king of himself; if he is not king of his own psychological processes, if he cannot direct them at will, much less will he be able to govern nature.

In no way could we accept man transformed into a slave, unable to govern himself and turned into a toy of the bestial forces of nature.

Either one is king of the universe or one is not; in the latter of these cases, unquestionably, it becomes demonstrated the concrete fact of not having reached yet the state of man.

The Sun has deposited the germs for man within the sexual glands of the intellectual animal.

Obviously, such germs can either develop or be definitively lost.

If we want that such germs develop, it becomes indispensable to cooperate with the effort which the Sun is making to create men.

The authentic man must intensively work, with the evident purpose of eliminating from himself the undesirable elements which we carry within.

Should the real man not eliminate from himself such elements, he would lamentably fail; he would become an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a failure.

The man who truly works on himself with the purpose of awaking consciousness, will be able to integrate with the divine.

Ostensibly, the solar man integrated with the divinity, becomes in fact and in his own right, a SUPER-MAN.

It is not so easy to reach SUPER-MAN.

Undoubtedly, the path which leads to SUPER-MAN, is beyond good and evil.

Something is good when it suits us and bad when it does not.

Crime also hides among the cadences of verse.

There is much virtue in the villain and much evil in the virtuous person.

The road which leads to SUPER-MAN is the Path of the Razor's Edge; this trail is full of dangers inside and outside.

Evil is dangerous, good is also dangerous; the terrifying path is beyond good and evil, is terribly cruel.

Any moral code can detain us on the march towards SUPER-MAN.

Attachment to these or those yesterdays, to these or those scenes, can halt us on the path which goes up to SUPER-MAN.

Norms, procedures, no matter how wise they might be, if they are trapped inside this or that fanatism, in this or that prejudice, in this or that concept, can be an obstacle for us in the progress towards SUPER-MAN.

SUPER-MAN knows the good in evil and the evil in good; grasps the sword of cosmic justice and is beyond good and evil.

SUPER-MAN, having liquidated in himself all the good and bad values, has turned into something which nobody understands, is the ray, is the flame of the universal spirit of life glaring in the countenance of a Moses.

At every tent on the path, some anchorite offers the SUPER-MAN his donations, but he continues on his way beyond the good intentions of the anchorites.

What people said beneath the sacred porches of the temples, has much beauty, but the SUPER-MAN is beyond the pious sayings of people.

SUPER-MAN is lightning and his word is thunder which disintegrates the powers of good and evil.

SUPER-MAN shines in the darkness, but the darkness hates SUPER-MAN.

The crowds qualify SUPER-MAN as perverse because of the very same fact that he does not fit within indisputable dogmas or within pious phrases, nor within the upright morals of serious men.

People abhor SUPER-MAN and crucify him among criminals because they do not understand him, because they prejudge him looking at him through the psychological lens of what is believed to be holy even if it is evil.

SUPER-MAN is like the thunderbolt which falls upon the perverse, or like the brightness of something which is not understood and is afterwards lost in mystery.

SUPER-MAN is not holy nor is he perverse, is beyond holiness and perversity; yet people qualify him of holy or of perverse.

SUPER-MAN sparkles for a moment among the darkness of this world and then disappears forever.

Within SUPER-MAN, the Red Christ burningly blazes.

The revolutionary Christ, the Lord of the Great Rebellion.

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