The Great Rebellion

Chapter 23: The Intimate Christ

Christ is the Fire of the Fire, the Flame of the Flame, the Astral Sign of Fire.

The Mystery of Christ is defined on the Cross of the Martyr of Calvary, with just one word consisting of four letters: INRI.

Ignis Natura Renovatur Integram.

Fire Incessantly Renews Nature.

The Advent of Christ in the heart of man, radically transforms us.

Christ is the SOLAR LOGOS, perfect Multiple Unity.

Christ is the life which throbs in the entire universe, is what is, what has always been and what will always be.

Much have been said about the Cosmic Drama; undoubtedly, this drama is formed of the four gospels.

We have been told that the Cosmic Drama was brought to the earth by the Elohim; the Great Lord of Atlantis performed that drama in flesh and bone.

The Great KABIR Jesus also had to perform the same Drama publicly in the Holy Land.

Even if Christ is born a thousand times in Bethlehem, it is of no use at all if he is not born in our heart too.

Even if he had died and risen from the dead on the third day, that is of no use if he does not die and resurrect in ourselves too.

To try to discover the fire's nature and essence, is to try to discover God whose real presence has always been revealed under igneous appearance.

The burning bush (Exodus III,2) and the conflagration in Sinai, as a result of the conferring of the Decalogue (Exodus XIX,18), are two manifestations by which God appeared to Moses.

Saint John describes the master of the Universe as in the figure of a being of Jasper and Sardonyx the colour of flame, sitting on a fulgurant, incandescent Throne (Revelations IV,3-5).

In his Epistle to the Hebrews, Saint Paul writes that our God is a Consuming Fire.

The Intimate Christ, the Celestial Fire, must be born within ourselves and is really born when we have advanced quite a lot in the psychological work.

The Intimate Christ must eliminate from our Psychological Nature the very same causes of error; the CAUSES-”I”S.

The dissolution of the causes of the EGO, would not be possible while the Intimate Christ has not been born within ourselves.

The living and philosopher's fire, the Intimate Christ, is the Fire of the Fire, the pure of the pure.

Fire envelopes and bathes us all over, it comes to us through the air, through the water and through the very earth, which are its preservers and its diverse vehicles.

The Celestial Fire must crystallize within us, it is the Intimate Christ, our deep inner Saviour.

The Intimate Lord, must take charge of the whole of our Psyche; of the Five Cylinders of the organic machine; of all our Mental, Emotional, Motor, Instinctive and Sexual processes.

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