The Great Rebellion

Chapter 22. Return and Recurrence

A man is what his life is; if a man does not work upon his own life, he is miserably wasting his time.

Only by eliminating the undesirable elements which we carry in our interior, can we make a masterpiece of our life.

Death is the return to the beginning of life, with the possibility of repeating it again in the setting of a new existence.

The diverse schools of pseudo-esoterist and pseudo-occultist type, maintain the eternal theory of successive lifes; such concept is mistaken.

Life is a film; once the showing is over, we wind the film back into its reel and take it to eternity with us.

Re-entry exists, return exists; when we come back to this world, we project the same film, the same life, on the gambling table of existence.

We can establish the thesis of successive existences; but not of successive lifes, because the film is the same.

The human being has a three per cent of free essence and a ninety-seven per cent of essence bottled among the “I”s.

When returning, the three per cent of free essence is totally impregnated in the fertilized ovum; unquestionably, we continue in the seed of our descendants.

Personality is different; there is no tomorrow for the personality of the deceased; personality slowly dissolves at the mausoleum or cemetery.

Only the small percentage of free essence is reincorporated in the newborn baby; this gives the child auto-consciousness and inner beauty.

The diverse “I”s which return, revolve around the newborn child, freely come and go everywhere, they would like to get into the organic machine, but this is not possible as long as a new personality has not been created.

It is suitable to know that personality is energy and that it is formed with experience throughout time.

It is written that personality has to be created during the first seven years of childhood and that posteriorly it is strengthened and fortified with all the experiences of practical life.

The “I”s start to intervene within the organic machine little by little as the new personality is being created.

Death is a substraction of fractions and, once the mathematical operation is finished, only the values continue (that is, the good and bad “I”s, useful and useless ones, positive and negative).

In the astral light, values repel one another in accordance with the laws of universal magnetization.

We are mathematical points in space, which serve as vehicles for specific sums of values.

These values which serve as the basis for the Law of Recurrence, always exist within the human personality of each one of us.

Everything happens again just as it happened, plus the result or consequence of our former actions.

Since many “I”s from former lifes exist within each of us, we can emphatically state that each of them is a different person.

This invites us to understand that large numbers of people with different commitments, live within each of us.

A true den of thieves exists within a thief's personality; a real club of murderers exists within a murderer's personality; a house of call exists within a lecher's personality; a full brothel exists within a prostitute's personality, etc.

Each one of those persons which we carry within our own personality, has his problems and his commitments.

People living within people, persons living within persons; this is indisputable, irrefutable.

What is grave in all this, is that each of these persons or “I”s which live within us comes from former existences and has specific commitments.

An “I” which in the previous existence had a love affair at the age of thirty, in the new existence will wait until that age for manifesting and, when the moment arrives it will seek the person of its dreams, it will get in telepathic contact with that person and, eventually, a re-enacted rendezvous and repetition of the scene will take pl ace.

The “I” which at the age of forty was at law with someone over material goods, in the new existence will wait until such age for repeating the same bustle.

The “I” which at the age of twenty-five fought another man in the pub or in the bar, will wait in the new existence until the new age of twenty-five to seek his opponent and repeat the tragedy.

The “I”s of both fellows seek one another by means of telepathic waves and then rendezvous again with each other to mechanically repeat the same.

Really, these are the mechanics of the Law of Recurrence; this is the tragedy of life.

The diverse characters meet again across thousands of years to re-enact the same dramas, comedies and tragedies.

Human personality is nothing else than a machine in the service of those “I”s with so many commitments.

What is the worst about this question, is that all these commitments of the people whom we carry within, are fulfilled without our understanding previously having any information.

In this sense, our human personality resembles a cart pulled by multiple horses.

There are lifes of most exact repetition, recurrent existences which are never modified.

In no way could the comedies, dramas and tragedies of life be repeated on the screen of existence, if the actors did not exist.

The actors of all these scenes are the “I”s which we carry within and which come from former existences.

If we disintegrate the “I”s of anger, the tragic scenes of violence inevitably come to an end.

If we reduce the secret agents of covetousness to cosmic dust, its problems will totally finish.

If we annihilate the “I”s of lust, the scenes of brothel and of sexual morbosity will all finish.

If we reduce the secret characters of envy to ashes, its events will radically conclude.

If we slay the “I”s of pride, of vanity, of conceit, of self-importance, the ridiculous scenes of these defects will draw to a close for lack of actors.

If we eliminate from our psyche the factors of sloth, inertia and laziness, the horrifying scenes of this kind of defects cannot be repeated because of lack of actors.

If we pulverize the sickening “I”s of gluttony, of greed for food, then feasting, drunkeness, etc, will come to an end for lack of actors.

Since these multiple “I”s are lamentably processed at the different levels of the Being, it is necessary to know their causes, their origin and the christic procedures which eventually will have to lead us to the death of the myself and to final liberation.

To study the intimate Christ, to study christic esoterism, is basic when it is a matter of provoking a radical, definitive change within ourselves; this is what we will study in the following chapters.

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