The Great Rebellion

Chapter 9. The Antichrist

Sparkling intellectualism as manifest functionalism of the psychological “I”, is without doubt the ANTICHRIST.

Those who suppose the ANTICHRIST to be a strange personage born somewhere on the Earth, or coming from another country, are certainly completely mistaken.

We have said in an emphatic form that the ANTICHRIST in no way is a particular individual, but all individuals.

Obviously, the ANTICHRIST lies deep within every person and expresses itself in a multiple form.

The intellect put at the service of the spirit is useful; the intellect divorced from the spirit becomes useless.

From intellectualism without spirituality arise rogues, vivid manifestation of the ANTICHRIST.

Obviously, the rogue in himself and by himself is the ANTICHRIST. Unfortunately, the present world with all its tragedies and miseries is governed by the ANTICHRIST.

The chaotic state in which the present humanity finds itself is undoubtedly due to the ANTICHRIST.

The iniquitous one about whom Paul of Tarsus talked in his epistles, is certainly a harsh realism of our times.

The iniquitous one has already come and manifests itself everywhere. It certainly has the gift of ubiquity.

It discusses in the cafes, negotiates at the United Nations, sits comfortably in Geneva, conducts laboratory experiments, it invents bombs, remote-controlled rockets, asphyxiating gases, bacteriological bombs, etc, etc, etc.

The ANTICHRIST, fascinated with his own intellectualism, which is exclusive of the know-alls, believes that it knows all of nature's phenomena.

The ANTICHRIST, believing itself omniscient, bottled among all the compost heap of its theories, rejects directly anything that might resemble God or be adored.

The ANTICHRIST's self-sufficiency, its pride and arrogance, is something unbearable.

The ANTICHRIST mortally hates the Christian virtues of faith, patience and humility.

Everybody goes down on one knee before the ANTICHRIST. Obviously, the latter has invented ultra-sonic airplanes, wonderful ships, splendid cars, surprising medicines, etc.

Under these conditions, who could doubt the ANTICHRIST? Whoever may dare nowadays to pronounce himself against all these miracles and prodigies by the son of perdition, condemns himself to the gibe from his fellowmen, to sarcasm, to irony, to being called stupid and ignorant.

It takes work, to make the serious and studious people understand this. They in themselves react, offering resistance.

It is clear that the intellectual animal mistakenly called man is a robot programmed with nursery, primary, secondary school, college, university, etc.

Nobody can deny that a programmed robot functions in accordance with the programme, it definitely would not be able to function if the programme were removed.

The ANTICHRIST has elaborated the programme with which the humanoid robots of theses decadent times are programmed.

It is extremely difficult to make these statements, to emphasize what I am saying, because it is out of programme.

So serious is this matter and so terrible the absorption of the mind, that not even remotely would any humanoid robot suspect that the programme is of no use, because he has been arranged accordingly with the programme, and to doubt it would seem to him a heresy, something incongruous and absurd.

It is absurd for a robot to doubt its programme; it is something absolutely impossible, because his very same existence is due to the programme.

Unfortunately, things are not as the humanoid robot thinks them; another science exists, another wisdom unacceptable for humanoid robots.

The robot humanoid reacts and he has a cause to react, because he has not been programmed for another science, neither for another culture, nor for anything different from its usual programme.

The ANTICHRIST has elaborated the programmes of the humanoid robot; the robot humbly prostrates itself before its master. How could the robot doubt the wisdom of its master?

The child is born innocent and pure; the essence expressing itself in every child is greatly precious.

Unquestionably, nature deposits in the brain of the newborn babies all those wild, natural, cosmic, spontaneous data that are indispensable for capturing or apprehending the truths contained in any natural phenomenon perceptible to the senses.

This means that the newborn child would be able by himself to discover the reality of any natural phenomenon. Regrettably, the ANTICHRIST's programme interferes in there, and the marvellous qualities that nature has placed in the brain of the baby are soon destroyed.

The ANTICHRIST forbids you to think differently; every baby that is born must be programmed, by order of the ANTICHRIST.

There is no doubt that the ANTICHRIST mortally hates that precious sense of the Being, known as “faculty of instinctive perception of cosmic truths”.

Pure science is different from the compost heap of university theories that exist here, there and over there; it is something inadmissible for the robots of the ANTICHRIST.

Many wars, famines and diseases have been propagated by the ANTICHRIST all over the Earth's surface, and there is no doubt that it will continue propagating them before the great catastrophe comes.

Unfortunately, the hour of the great apostasy announced by all prophets has already come, and no human being would dare to pronounce himself against the ANTICHRIST.

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