The Great Rebellion

Chapter 8.The Scientifistic Jargon

Logical didactic is conditioned and qualified also by the prepositions “on” and “about” which never take us to the direct experience of the real.

The phenomena of nature are very far from being like scientists see them.

Certainly, as soon as any phenomenon is discovered, it is immediately qualified or labelled with this or that difficult term of scientific jargon.

Obviously, all those extremely difficult terms of modern scientifism, serve only as a patch to cover ignorance.

Natural phenomena are in no way like scientifists see them.

Life with all its processes and phenomena, develops from moment to moment, from instant to instant, and the scientifistic mind in fact kills it by stopping it in order to analyze it.

Any manner is the same as reality. Any inference extracted from any natural phenomenon, is in no manner equal to the concrete reality of that phenomenon; regrettably, the scientist's mind deluded by its own theories, firmly believes in the reality of its inferences.

Not only does the hallucinated intellect only see in phenomena the reflection of its own concepts, but worse than that, it dictatorially wants to make the phenomena be exactly and absolutely equal to all those concepts carried in the intellect. The phenomenon of intellectual hallucination is fascinating. None of those stupid, ultramodern scientists would admit the reality of their own hallucination.

Certainly, in no way would the know-alls of our time admit being qualified as hallucinated.

The power of self-suggestion has made them believe in the reality of all those concepts of the scientifistic jargon.

Obviously, the hallucinated mind boasts of being conscious and dictatorially wants all natural processes to march in step with pedantries.

As soon as a new phenomenon appears, it is classified, labelled and put in this or that place, as though it had really been understood.

Thousands of terms have been invented to label phenomena, but the pseudosapients know nothing about the reality of phenomena.

As a vivid example of all what we are stating in this chapter, we refer to the human body.

In the name of truth we can affirm emphatically that the physical body is absolutely unknown to modern scientists.

Such an affirmation could appear very insolent to the pontiffs of modern scientifism; without doubt we will deserve excommunication by them.

Nevertheless, we have very sound grounds to make such a tremendous affirmation.

Unfortunately, hallucinated minds are so convinced of their pseudo-sapience that not even remotely could they accept the harsh reality of their ignorance.

If we told the hierarchs of modern scientifism that Count Cagliostro, a very interesting personage of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries is still alive in the very 20th century, if we told them that the distinguished Paracelsus, the renowned doctor of the Middle Ages does still exist, you can be sure that the hierarchs of present scientifism would laugh at us and never accept our affirmations.

However, it is so. The genuine mutants, immortal men whose bodies date from thousands and millions of years ago, live on the face of the Earth at present.

The author of this book knows the mutants. Nevertheless, he does not ignore modern scepticism, the hallucination of scientifists and the state of ignorance of the know-alls.

For all this, in no way would we be under the illusion of believing that the fanatics of scientifistic jargon would accept the reality of our unusual statements.

The body of any mutant is an open challenge to the scientific jargon of these times. The body of any mutant can change its shape and then return to its normal state, without receiving any harm.

The body of any mutant can instantly penetrate into the fourth vertical and even adopt any vegetal or animal form, and afterwards return to its normal state receiving no damage at all.

The body of any mutant violently challenges the old texts of official Anatomy.

Regrettably, none of these declarations could convince those who are hallucinated by scientifistic jargon.

Those gentlemen seated upon their pontifical thrones, unquestionably will regard us with disdain, perhaps with anger, and possibly even with some pity.

However, the truth is what it is and the reality of mutants is an open challenge to any ultramodern theory.

The author of this book knows the mutants but expects no-one's belief.

Every organ in the human body is controlled by laws and forces, which are not even remotely known of by those hallucinated with scientifistic jargon.

Nature's elements in themselves are unknown to official science. The best chemical formulae are incomplete: H2O, two atoms of Hydrogen to one of Oxygen to make water, is something empirical.

If we attempt to join in a laboratory an atom of Oxygen with two of Hydrogen, it does not result in water or anything, because the formula is incomplete. The fire element is missing. Only with this cited element would it be possible to create water.

Intellection, however brilliant it might seem, can never lead us to the experience of the real.

The classification of substances and the difficult terms with which we label them, only serve as a cover for ignorance.

The intellect believing this or that substance to have a specific name and characteristics, is absurd and unbearable.

Why does the intellect boast of being omniscient? Why does it delude itself believing that substances and phenomena are just the way it believes them to be? Why does intellection want nature to be a perfect replica of all its theories, concepts, opinions, dogmas, preconceptions, prejudices?

In reality, natural phenomena are not as they are believed to be, and in no way are natural substances and forces as the intellect thinks they are.

The awake consciousness is not the mind, neither is it memory nor anything similar. Only the liberated consciousness is capable of directly experiencing for itself the reality of life free in its motion.

We must emphatically affirm however, that as long as any subjective element exists within us, consciousness will remain bottled among such element and hence will be unable to enjoy continuous and perfect enlightenment.

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