Templo Mayor 01

Templo Mayor

Photograph: Ismael Moreno Luna - Text: Susana Rodróguez Licea

The Templo Mayor is located where it was the center of the Powerful Mexica civilization; it was build to honor Tlaloc, deity of Water and Huitzilopochtli, deity of war.

It was the most important ceremonial center in the land of Anahuac; the legend says that after the Sun-4-Ocelotl, Quetzalcoatl made a sacrifice so the men could populate this Earth.

The sacrifice was made  in Tamoanchan (the house from we descend) and it made possible the entrance of life in the bones –of the giants devoured by the Tigers- brought from the Mictlan by Quetzalcoatl. Men are the fruit of the God’s sacrifice. With their sacrifice, they deserve them. That’s why they were called Nocehuals (worthy for the Gods).