What does the Gnostic know and procure?

The know to get up with the Sun and the initiatives, they greet with love every dawn, they are happy, active and optimistic. They speak little and with simplicity, they do not speak wrong on anyone.

They praise, stimulate and serve without malice. They have a good wish for others. They do not speak of themselves.

They know how to forgive, they don't curse, don't deceive, don't exaggerate, don't distort. They procure to be patient and humble. They do something for the happiness of others. They grant the reason and don't argue.

They recognize their mistakes and limitations. They do not believe themselves wise or better than others. They do not humiliate or accuse. They do not harm, don't underestimate, don't banner other's moral. They are sincere, loyal and grateful.

They don't reveal secrets, not the own nor of others. They don't ridicule, don't ill-treat, they know to look and smile like children.

They don't put  snares, don't subjugate or threaten.

They know how to use their hands to heal, teach and bless, they appreciate others and what they do, the Gnostics are not greedy or envious. They act with serenity and decency. They do not spread gossip, they know how to be quiet and never get into others' lives.

They love their families and don't have a rival for their spouse. They don't become vain in prosperity, nor the misfortune knocks them down. Then they only know to obey the Father's will.

Do you want to become one of them?

Anonymous letter.

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