Symbolism of Dreams:

The images of the supra-sensible worlds are completely symbolic. Even the more absurd dreams, if are wisely interpreted, comprise the greatest revelations.


Atlantis has been duly demonstrated in a conclusive form by the true wise men that once in a while have appeared on Earth.

Atlantis, this vast disappeared continent, that was considered like a poets’ dream; a creation of the Divine Mind of Plato, the Initiate, and nothing more, Atlantis really existed.

The Millenary Science of Psychoastrology:

The great Russian sage George Lakoski after having studied profoundly the solar spots discovered that there exists an intimate relation between the solar spots and wars. In this epoch of tele-directed cosmic rockets there have been profound studies about the cosmic rays, and its influence on the living cells and organism in general. The complex mechanism of the tele-directed rockets can be controlled at distance by means of radioactive waves. The radioactivity of the planets in the space can not be denied longer, neither its electromagnetic influence on living organisms.

The Planet Hercolubus and the Times of End:

You must think that a great catastrophe is coming, and the great Astronomy Observatories have sketched the map of the catastrophe (the question is official) If this information is not known in all the countries on Earth, it is because of the censorship of many governments that do not want, by any means, that the Observatories cause a collective psychosis, but the subject is an official order.

The Death and its Phenomena:

The Death and the Conception are intimately related. The extremes touch each other. The path of life is formed with the footprints of the hooves of the horse of the death. The last instants of the agonizing person are associated to the erotic delights of couples of lovers. In the last second of life, in the precise instant when we exhale the final breath, we transmit to the future organism that awaits beyond time and distance, certain particular cosmic design that will be crystallized in the fecundated egg.

The Law of Karma:

My dear friends, exists a Law that is called Karma, and this word means Law of Action and Consequences. Obviously “Does not exists a cause without an effect, neither an effect without a cause” The Law of the Scale, the terrible Law of Karma, governs all what is created. Every cause is transformed into an effect and every effect is transformed into a cause. You must understand what the Law of Compensation is. Whatever you do you must pay for it, because does not exists a cause without an effect, neither an effect without a cause.

Need and Greed:

We need money to have “food, clothes and shelter”; but when money becomes a psychological need, begin the struggle and conflict to possess money.

The Mission of the Extraterrestrials:

We, poor and miser worm from the mud of the earth! ¿Perhaps are we so foolish that we need to investigate more the question of the extraterrestrials visitors? ¿Perhaps all the information we have is not more than sufficient? ¿Perhaps for our disgrace we are so obtuse, dull and stupid that we do not understand that since ancient times we have been always visited by beings of other worlds? ¿That they avoid us? ¿That they flee from us? ¿That they do not go out at daylight? ¿Perhaps we would not do the same in front of a tribe of cannibals? The people from other worlds know very well that we are not tamed sheep, and before falling in our feline fratricidal claws, they prefer to disappear into the starry sky.

The Meditation:

It is necessary TO KNOW HOW TO MEDITATE, to understand what the technique of the Meditation is. The object of the Meditation is then simple: ¿What is what we want through the Meditation? TO TRANQUILIZE US; TRANQUILITY…

KABBALAH (the science of the numbers):

The Kabbalah goes through the night of the centuries, where the universe was created in the womb of Maha Kundalini, the Great Mother. The Kabbalah is the Science of the Numbers.

The Power of Mantras:

Every MOVEMENT is coessential to the SOUND. Wherever exists a movement, exists a sound. The human ear only perceive a limited number of sound vibrations. But above and under these ranges of vibrations, exists multiple sound vibrations that nobody can perceive. The fishes in the sea produce their peculiar sounds. The ants communicate with each other using inaudible sounds for our physical perception. The sound waves acting on the water, produce movements of elevation and pressure on the water. The sound waves when act through the air, produce concentric movements. The atoms rotating around its central nucleus produce certain sounds which are imperceptible for men. The fire, the air, the water and the earth have their particular sonorous notes.

The Perfect Marriage:

A PERFECT MARRIAGE is the union of two beings, one that Loves MORE, the other that Loves BETTER. LOVE is the Best Attainable Religion. Hermes Trismegistus, the three times great God Ibis of Toth wrote in the Table of Emerald, the following phrases: “I give you LOVE in which is contained all the Summum of the Wisdom”

How to Resolve Problems:

During his life a man has to confront many problems. Every person needs to know how to resolve intelligently each one of these problems. We need to understand each problem. The solution of every problem is in the problem itself. The time has come of learning how to resolve the problems. There are many kind of problems: economics, socials, moral, politics, religious, familiars, etc., and we must learn to resolve them with intelligence. The most important thing for the solution of a problem is to not be identified with the problem.

The Personality and the Planets:

The first seven years of life are ruled by the Moon, the following seven years are a hundred percent ruled by Mercury, and the child goes to school, is restless, in constant movement.

The third seven years of life, the tender adolescence that goes from 14 to twenty one years of life are ruled by Venus, the Star of Love; this is the age of sharp pain, the age of love, the age when we see life as rose in color.

From 21 (twenty one) to 42 (forty two) years of life we have to occupy our place under the sun and define our life. This period is governed by the Sun.

The seven years from forty two to forty nine, are Martians a hundred percent and life becomes a real battleground, because Mars is war.

The period between forty nine and fifty six years of age, is of Jupiter; those who have Jupiter well placed in their horoscopes, is clear that during this period of life are respected by everybody and if they do not possess riches, at least they have what they need to live very well.

For those who have Jupiter in a bad position in their horoscopes, those persons suffer unutterable things, they are in need of food, clothes and shelter, and are mistreated by others, etc., etc.

The period that goes from fifty six to sixty three is ruled by the aged of the skies, the old Saturn.

How to Triumph in Life:

If you really want to triumph, you must begin being sincere with yourself; recognize your own errors. When we recognize our own errors, we are in the right direction to correct those errors. All those who correct their errors have, inevitably, triumphed.

The Higher Faculties of Man:

The Great Clairvoyants tell us about the seven chakras and Mr Leadbeater describes them with great details. These Chakras are really the senses of the astral body. The senses with you can touch and know positively the great realities of the Higher Worlds. These magnetic centers have an intimate relation with the glands of internal secretion.

Element Therapy (healing through the animist part of plants):

The famous Master Paracelsus gives the name of “sylvestris” to the elementals of the forests and the name of “nymph” to the elementals of aquatic plants. In the sacred books of all ancient religions is amply exposed the holy vegetal symbolism. Let us remember the tree of the science of good and evil of the Garden of Eden, terrible symbol of the sexual force, where is found the redemption or condemnation of man. The tree of Sephirot of the Kabbalah.. All the ancient religions represent their founders acquiring the wisdom under a tree.

Dimensions of the Nature:

We live in a multidimensional world; unfortunately the people only perceive the world of three dimensions. It is necessary to develop other faculties that let us know the fourth dimension. Fortunately in the occult anatomy of the human being are found, in a latent state, the senses that developed conveniently, in a scientific form, can give us access not only to the fourth dimension, but also to the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions.

Astral Body:

Between the earthly man and the Intimate is the Soul. The Soul has an ultra-sensible and material body that serves to travel throughout the space. The body of the Soul is the Astral Body; then the Astral Body has something human and something divine. The Astral Body has its ultra-physiology and its ultra-pathology intimately related to the great sympathetic nervous system and the glands of internal secretion. The Astral Body is endowed with marvelous senses with which we can investigate the great mysteries of life and death. Inside the Astral are the mind, the will and the conscience.


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