The Columns of Gnosis



The Gnostic Movement is occupied precisely of Gnosis. “Gnosis” is a word which means “knowledge”, “wisdom”, covers the four aspects that we can name as Science, Art, Philosophy and as consequence or corollary Transcendental Mysticism

Interview in Radio University. Samael Aun Weor

In the ancient schools of Mysteries of Greece, Egypt, Rome, India, Persia, Mexico, Peru, Assyria, Chaldea, etc., etc., etc., the Psychology always was united to Philosophy, to the Real Objective Art, to Science and Religion. In Ancient times, Psychology was intelligently concealed among the gracious forms of sacred dancers or among the enigma of the strange hieroglyphics or the beautiful sculptures or in poetry or in the tragedies and even in the delicious music of the temples. Before Science, Philosophy, Art and Religion were separated to live independently, the Psychology reined sovereign in all the very old Schools of Mysteries.

Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor

We have investigated in the sources of China, in the Sanskrit works of India, in the old Tibetan manuscripts. We have been interested studying archaeological pieces, we have investigated profoundly many codex, we have analyzed the wisdom of ancient civilizations. We have realized comparative studies of Mexico, Egypt, India, Tibet, Greece, etc., etc., etc., and we have come to the conclusion that the Universal Wisdom is always the same, and only are changed the aspects, accordingly to the people, nations and languages”

Samael Aun Weor. Lecture ¿Who are we?, ¿From where we come?, ¿Where are we going”


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