To take the teachings of Gnostic type to all humanity, without differences of sects, races, castes, sex or color, etc. The gnosis exists in every niche, pyramid, sepulcher, etc. What is interesting is, precisely, to extract the gnosis, (wisely and accordingly to the rules) from the distinct archaeological pieces, found not only in our Mexican native land, but also in all the latitudes of the world.

Interview in Radio University

The GNOSTIC purpose is the happiness of all human beings without distinction. Seeks to transform the conscious man in a SUPER-MAN; awakening in him his lulled possibilities. For this purpose the UNIVERSAL GNOSTIC MOVEMENT provides to his affiliates special practices that take them to a material, mental and spiritual development and perfection.

Ancients Egyptians Traditions. Samael Aun Weor


Now and then, nobody can alter his life or change anything related with the mechanical reactions of the existence, unless he counts with the help of new ideas and receives Divine help. The Gnosis gives these new ideas and teaches the “Modus Operandi” by means of which we can be assisted by higher forces than the mind. We need to prepare the lower centers of our organism to perceive the ideas and forces that come from the Higher Centers.

The gnosis is destined to those sincere aspirants whom truly want to work and change.

Revolutionary Psychology. Samael Aun Weor


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