What is Gnosis?



"Every theory is gray, and only is green the tree of golden fruits that is life."


Gnosis means knowledge, wisdom.

The Gnosis is the knowledge of a transcendental and transforming wisdom that teaches humanity to see, hear and know positively all these things that up to now were pointed out as great mysteries and enigmas. The Gnosis is a true scientific school of initiation on, that pursues a transformation of the human being, that pretends that each man changes his basic principles and customs, to become a true man.

The Gnosis pretends that each man should have a vast and lucid spirit that should try to establish a new rational scientific order in the general customs of Living, inspired in the immutable laws of nature. The knowledge of the Gnostic science covers the four pillars of human wisdom: Science, Art, Philosophy and Mystique.

The Gnosis as a life style, like a mystique philosophy is based on a rational and scientific conception of the universe. The gnosticism appears in epochs of crisis, of social and spiritual perturbation, like an important ideological trend to let the human being to attain a physical, psychic, social and spiritual transformation, which will allow to know himself, to know his own defects and errors, that direct him to a premature old age, to the tomb, to disintegration.

We find this wisdom in the Mysteries of Mitra, of Eleusis, in the Hermetism, in the Mysteries of Dionysius, of Hecate, of the Great Mother, of Serapis, of Cybele, of Isis, and also in Orphism, and in the Pythagoreanism, in the Egyptian and Tibetan books….When a man begins to observe himself thoroughly, from the point of view that he is not ONE but many, obviously he has begun the serious work about his interior nature.

The Gnosis gives the methodology and teaches the “modus operandi” by means of which we can be helped by superior forces than the mind. In ancient times there was a saying “Man know, thyself and you will know the universe” which is formulated with the synthesis of all theories, is the higher knowledge. It is clear that on this we find rare exceptions that we have to look for with the lantern of Diogenes; these rare cases are represented by the true men: Buddha, Jesus, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, etc.

The Awakening of Man. Samael Aun Weor

Considering that the Gnostic studies have progressed extraordinarily in recent times, no cult person will commit the simplistic error, like in the past, of assuming that the Gnostic knowledge emerges from some exclusive spiritual latitude.

It is true that we must consider in any Gnostic system its oriental Hellenistic elements, including Persia, Mesopotamia, Syria, India, Palestine, Egypt, etc. , we never should ignore the perceptible Gnostic principles in the sublime religious cults of Nahuatls, Toltecs, Aztecs, Zapotecs, Mayas, Chibchas, Quechuas, etc., etc., etc., of Indoamerica. Speaking very frankly and to the point we will say “The Gnosis is a functionalism very natural of the conscience. A “Philosophia Perennis et Universalis » . Unquestionably, Gnosis is the illuminated knowledge of the Divine Mysteries reserved for the elite.

Secret Doctrine of Anahuac. Samael Aun Weor

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