Lessons for the public in general

The Gnostic studies for their best understanding are divided in phases, being named this as chambers, to respect the old one division that Egyptian schools did for their studies. Being the antechamber the introduction phase.

01. Gnostic Wisdom

02.- The Path and The Life

03.- The Alien’s Mission

04.- The Personality and The Planets

05.- The Fourth Dimension

06.- The Human Machine

07.- Death and its Facts

08.- Awaken of the Conscience

09.- Return, Recurrence, Reincarnation

10.- The Karma Law

11.- Transformation of The Impressions

12.- Atlantis and the Aria Race

13.- The New Era of Aquarius

14.- Need and Greed

15.- Astral split

16..- The Universe of the Mind

17.- The Love

18.- Psycho Astrology

19.- Transmigration of The Souls

20.- Opening of the Inner Mind

21.- The Chacras

22.- The Meditation

23.- Parapsychology phenomena

24.- The Reality about The Sun

25.- Learn to Listen

26.- The Seven Races

27.- Dialectic for the Death of The I

28.- Alcione and the Pleiades

29.- Who are we?, Where do we come from?, Where do we go?

30.- Dialectic’s Revolution

31.- The Psiquis Organization

32.- Astral Keys I

33.- Astral Keys II

34.- About the Diet

35.- Happiness, Freedom and Peace

36.- The Pendulum’s Law

37.- Esoteric Discipline of the Mind

38.- The Alcoholism

39.- Fundamental Education

40.- The Vocation

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