Introduction to Gnosis


The physical body is one of the marvelous instruments that man possesses to express himself. If we consider this body from a strictly physical point of view, it is what we could call a machine, food being its fuel. According to the kind of fuel that is used, so will that machine work and serve as an instrument.

Many times we meet people who radiate an attitude of joy, happiness, health, optimism, sympathy, love, etc.; these people win the friendship of everybody; they possess a force of attraction, an irresistible “magnet.” Others are weak and lack that marvelous “magnet.” They fail when they try to receive help from other people, and when they are owners of a business their clients gradually leave them.

Psychology has discovered that the character of a person depends on his internal state.

Character does not develop in the physical body but it expresses itself through it and if the physical body is not in a good state then our internal side cannot express itself efficiently.

It is indispensable that each person be nourished sufficiently. When nutrition is imperfect, the blood weakens and becomes poor, for this reason the cells also weaken. One of the best ways of obtaining complete nutrition with our customary food consists in perfectly chewing the food. Partially ingested food loses a great part of its nutritive value. Another point of great importance is the irrigation of the body, that is to say, the proper use of water for the benefit of the organism. The minimum daily amount of water required is two and a half liters. If water becomes scarce, then certain glands cannot function efficiently, the body does not eliminate all the wastes of the organism properly, the liver does not function well, etc.

Vegetarian Diet*

The majority of people believe that a meal without meat is incomplete. Nothing is more erroneous because science has demonstrated that nutrition obtained from vegetables has a greater sustaining power.

All animals carry within them the poisons of putrefaction. The venous blood is full of carbonic acid and other noxious substances. These harmful and repugnant substances are found everywhere in meat and when we eat these foods we fill our bodies with these toxins.

Abundant proof exists which demonstrates that a carnivorous diet stimulates ferocity. Let us observe the ferocity of the beasts of prey and the cruelty of the cannibals and compare them with the prodigious strength and docility of cattle, of the elephant, of the horse...

However, let us not jump to the conclusion that everyone should give up eating meat, once and for all, and dedicate themselves to eating vegetables. It would be crazy for a person to change his ordinary diet, which he has been using for years and which is nourishing him adequately. To eliminate meat from the ordinary diet of the people accustomed to it would completely undermine their health. The only way to proceed is by first experimenting and studying things.

You should be very careful with your nutrition. We do not ask you to give up meat, once and for all, but we do warn you that meat, when consumed in large quantities (for example, every day), is like poison for the body. Dr. Arnold Krumm Heller, Professor of.

Medicine of the University of Berlin and great Gnostic doctor, held that meat should only be 20% of man’s diet.

We have verified that some foods such as wheat, eggs, avocados, etc., can substitute for meat. Cereals, in general, are of great nutritive value. The protein from cow’s milk is marvelous. Milk from soybeans is very nutritious and its chemical composition is similar to that of cow’s milk.

Food should be used in a balanced manner. Avoid eating white bread; white flour is harmful and does not contain any nourishment. Eat dark bread, plantains, corn flour, instead of white bread and white flour. Eat many vegetables; remember that vegetables are fountains of great nourishment. Vitamins are found in vegetables.


*Note: Excerpt from “The Mystery Of The Golden Blossom – chapter 13- The Ritual of Pancatatwa” about of to eat meat and the vegetarian diet.

“In no manner whatever can we develop the powers of AKASA within our inmost constitution if we commit the errors of fornication, adultery or hating sex. "All sin will be forgiven save the sin against the Holy Spirit..." (Sex) Once, finding myself outside of the physical body I asked my DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI the following question: Is it possible that someone exists in the physical world who can achieve SELF-REALIZATION without SEXUAL MAGIC? The response was both terrible and shocking. "Impossible my son, that is just not possible." I was deeply impressed and disturbed in the inmost depths of my soul...

What can we say about the Vayu Tatwa, the element of air? What is its relationship with the fruit of the Vine? Obviously, no drunkard can possibly acquire the marvelous powers of the Vayu Tatwa...

It is manifestly clear that pure unfermented wine is used with success in the Ritual of PANCATATWA...

By what method or manner can we acquire the miraculous igneous powers of the Tejas Tatwa if we make the mistake of renouncing the carnivorous element? Unfortunately, the human multitude either becomes radically vegetarian or turns almost cannibalistic.

What can we say about the Apas Tatwa and its formidable powers? It is obvious that in fish a secret is found which allows us to control storms and walk on water. Unfortunately, people either hate seafood or eat too much of it.

In what way can we conquer the powers of the Phrithvi Tatwa, the earth element, if we hate cereals, vegetables and plants or if we gorge ourselves on them? From the before mentioned it follows that all elements, from earth to meat, are in essence absolutely pure. When the VIRA enjoys pleasure devoid of all personal character, the original motive of the cosmos, the world of phenomena, the world of Maya is revealed in sex.

The TATWIC currents which are encountered in the cosmos in harmony with structural forces that produce the Evolution and Involution of the universe, are manifested as a boundary of creation and the first-born of Nature, in the way that it raises any immense potency and transforms the will-power of VIRA who proceeds to blaze on the live coals of MAHA-KUNDALINI.”

Samael Aun Weor


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