Introduction to Gnosis



This vice has three perfectly defined aspects:

1. Initiation

2. Intoxication

3. Death.


Some people begin this horrible vice during adolescence, others in their youth, others at adulthood and a few during old age. Many are the causes that lead people to the vice of alcoholism. The adolescent that is initiated into this horrible path does it because he wants to feel like a complete man; he has a false concept of manhood; he believes that being a man means to be a drunkard, smoker, fornicator, adulterer, etc. The youngster reaches the crude vice of alcoholism, seduced by his friends or embittered by sufferings.

Many times an amorous deception or a difficult economic situation tends to be the basic motive for initiating the fatal path of alcoholism. The mature man who joins this horrible path of alcohol does it, as always, provoked by the spring of his own bitterness, perhaps the death of a loved one, an amorous deception, a divorce, the loss of his job and his fortune, etc.

The human organism rebels against the first drinks. At the beginning the organism is not yet intoxicated and it is obvious that it strongly rejects the harmful ingredient of alcohol, to which it is not accustomed. Vomiting, the uneasiness of the stomach after the huge drinking sprees, etc., are symptoms that the organism uses to eliminate the noxious ingredient. The struggle of the organism is usually very strong, but the malignant will intends to distort it and achieves it. No drunkard is without his moral tragedy. The already intoxicated drunkard knows how to very secretly guard the aforementioned tragedy. The drunkard who is initiating himself in the vice always exteriorizes his tragedy, but when he comprehends that people do not understand him, he prefers to keep quiet.


Alcoholic intoxication comes once the defenses of the human organism have been overcome. On arriving at this second phase, the organism no longer feels well without alcohol. The doctor intoxicated by alcohol can no longer carry out a surgical operation without his favorite drink; his pulse shakes and if he carries out the operation, the results are very bad. The businessman can no longer do business without alcohol; he feels timid, nervous, and fails. Without his drink the worker is finally incapable of working; he feels weak. Alcohol becomes a necessity for the intoxicated organism. The intoxicated one drinks and drinks, stimulated by the secret spring of his moral tragedy. Some drunkards eat and drink; they last longer. Others do not eat, they say; so as to not lose the drunkenness; they die very soon. Food supports the entire digestive process, but the lack of food, as a matter of fact, leaves the organism totally defenseless and the result is death.


Every alcoholic intoxication concludes with death. Death can result from an ulcer, hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver, or generally from any bad aspect of the liver, stomach, etc. It has been clinically proven that the drunkards that live longer are those who eat while they drink, and that those who live short lives are those who drink and do not eat while drinking. The death of a drunkard is very horrible. They become very nervous in clinics and hospitals due to the lack of alcohol, they clamor, shout, demand the bottle of alcohol; their desperation is frightening. Some die vomiting blood, others with terrible bloody diarrhea, etc.

Psychology of the Drunkard

The totally intoxicated drunkard spends everything on the vice; when the drunkard does not have any more to spend, then he becomes a beggar, thief, swindler, or in the best of cases, nothing more than a simple slave of alcohol, a beggar of alcohol. The intoxicated loses all concepts of honor, dignity, responsibility, etc., and only one thing in life interests him, drinking. Alcohol becomes a vital, fundamental necessity for the intoxicated; that is all.

The serious things of life do not have any value for the drunkard; he is completely irresponsible. The intoxicated alcoholic is immoral in the most complete sense of the word. Dignity, word of honor, virtue, etc., have absolutely no importance for the intoxicated alcoholic. The hard-hearted drunkard laughs at all those human qualities, and even feels infinitely superior to his fellowmen.

Campaign Against Alcohol

The true, effective campaign against alcohol is achieved by explaining, with every detail, the three defined aspects of this horrible vice. These three aspects of the path of alcohol: initiation, intoxication, and death should be pointed out at home, in school, at the university, in academies, temples, lodges, ashrams, sanctuaries, etc. This is the best way to effectively campaign against alcohol. Dry laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol are useless because drunkards then astutely invent their methods of making intoxicating drinks in a clandestine form. This does more harm than good to society. Only creative comprehension can save people from falling into this horrible and frightening vice. The audio-visual system of teaching is marvelous to combat the vice of alcohol.


True education begins at home. Parents who drink give a bad example to their children, leading their children down the fatal path of the abyss. Children should be taught at home what this horrible vice is, the three aspects of this horrible path, etc. This type of teaching, accompanied by good example, is radical in warning the new generation against the vice of alcohol. Whatever is well learned is never forgotten.

Meditation and Intoxication

Meditation and intoxication are the opposite poles of the same force. Meditation is positive. Alcoholic intoxication is negative.

The Rosicrucian Gnostic should drink the wine of meditation in the sacred cup of concentration. It is necessary to keep far away from the negative aspect; it is necessary to not fall into the negative aspect of the mind. The vice of alcohol pertains to the negative aspect of the mind. The drunkard submerges himself into the atomic infernos of nature and becomes lost in the abyss. It is better to drink the wine of meditation in the sacred cup of the concentration of thought. Let us concentrate our mind on our inner God, let us meditate on him for entire hours and in this manner we will reach samadhi, the ineffable ecstasy. Then we will be able to converse with the gods and enter into the great mysteries of nature. This is better than the “delirium tremens,” which allows the drunkard to penetrate into the atomic infernos of nature and live together with the demons of the abyss. The visions of the “delirium tremens” of drunkards are actually real; that which they see in their visions really exists. They see larvae, demons, and horrible monsters that really exist in the atomic infernos of universal nature. They penetrate the abyss and see the beings of the abyss, perverse beings that live in the atomic infernos of nature.

Alcoholic Larvae

Every human being carries an atomic atmosphere perceptible to clairvoyants. Alcoholic larvae live in the fourth dimension. By the way, we must say that modern physics has already begun to admit to the four coordinates, the fourth dimension, the fourth vertical.

The drunkard carries, in this ultra-sensitive atmosphere, alcoholic larvae that stimulate him in the vice that gave them life, impulsing him to drink. The aforementioned larvae only disintegrate with the fumes of sulphur.


Perfumes combined with mental power constitute a marvelous healing system. Drunkards can be healed by wisely combining these two elements.


Do you have any loved one who is a victim of the vice of alcoholism? When he is asleep, hold his hand with your right hand, make him smell a delicious perfume, a rose extract, and then talk to him with a soft voice as if he was awake; advise him, explain to him in a detailed way what the horrible vice of alcoholism is. Remember that when the body sleeps, the Ego leaves the body and travels in the fourth dimension. The words you utter to the sleeping person reach the eardrum, then go on to the brain’s sensory center and are then transmitted to the Ego even when the latter is far away from the physical body On awakening, the Ego returns to the physical body and if he does not remember what you told him, you can be certain that all you have said has remained in your loved one’s subconscious. These words produce their effect little by little and the day finally arrives when the patient is cured of the horrible vice of alcoholism.


Lie down and remain calmly in bed. Open your arms and legs to the right and left to form the flaming five-pointed star. Relax your muscles properly. The process of relaxation is easy if combined with imagination. (Practice the exercise of relaxation as was indicated to you in Lesson Two.) Mental relaxation: once the relaxation of the physical body has been obtained, it is necessary to relax the mind. Mental relaxation is also obtained with the help of the imagination. Observe all the thoughts that come to mind, all the memories that assault you, all the worries, etc., and study them to find out their origin. The study of all this will reveal many things to you; it will make you get to know your defects, your errors, etc. In this manner, you will know how your “I,” your Ego, works. Analyze each defect. Try to comprehend each defect in all the levels of the mind, study each thought, memory or emotion that assaults you, comprehend each thought. Then imagine a profound abyss and throw each studied thought, each memory, worry, etc., into that abyss. In this manner, your mind will remain silent and still. In the silence and quietude of the mind you will be able to see and hear the Intimate. He is the Internal Master. He is your internal God.


When the mind has achieved absolute quietude and silence, it can concentrate on the Intimate; this concentration is done with the help of prayer. Pray to your Intimate, try to converse with the Intimate. Remember that praying is conversing with God. You can pray without formula, that is to say, talk to God; tell Him what your heart feels with infinite love.


Whoever achieves perfect concentration can meditate on his internal God. Reflect on your internal God, identify yourself with Him, live in Him.


Whoever learns to quiet the mind, to concentrate the mind and pray can practice perfect meditation and reach the heights of internal contemplation. On reaching these heights we are in ecstasy. We can talk face to face with the ineffable gods, study the marvels of the infinite cosmos and travel through the infinite in spirit and soul. In that state of ecstasy the physical body remains asleep and abandoned. Now you will comprehend why it is convenient to practice these exercises during instances of drowsiness. Sleep is a power that should be taken advantage of to consciously achieve ecstasy.


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