Introduction to Gnosis


It is necessary that you have three things in life: food, clothing and shelter. We should not be hungry; we need to eat. We should not be poorly dressed; it is necessary to dress well.

It is not fair to live our entire life paying rent for an apartment; we need to have a good house that is our own. Reflect on all this. It is urgent for you to comprehend the need to live better without falling into the sin of covetousness. In our previous lesson we said that it is necessary to distinguish between necessity and covetousness. It is necessary to know where necessity ends and where covetousness begins.

You need to learn how to make a good impression on other people, this is a very delicate art Many ladies dress very well, sometimes with excessive luxury, and wear very valuable rings on their hands and yet, in spite of everything, they do not make a good impression on others. Many gentlemen wear very expensive suits and drive the latest model cars and yet they fail many times for not knowing how to make a good impression on people.

The president of Colombia, Dr. Olaya Herrera, controlled his people with his eternal smile; every smile of the president represented millions of dollars. We men know that the smile of a woman is worth more to us than all the furs and diamonds that they wear. A woman with a captivating smile makes great impressions on men.

The smile of sincerity and the perfume of courtesy achieve true miracles in the business world.

It is urgent to distinguish between the smile of sincerity and the mechanical smile. The smile of sincerity comes from the very bottom of the soul. The mechanical smile is hypocritical and tenebrous; it is the grimace of the devil.

In man there are two factors in disagreement, the soul and the devil. The soul is divine; the devil is malevolent. Every good action is of the soul; every bad action is of the devil.

When you knock on a door so that it will be opened, the head of the house can ask you many times, “Who is it?” Then you answer, “I.” This “I,” this “myself,” is precisely the devil in us. Clairvoyants see this “I,” like a very horrible fluid entity that lives within the human body. This entity also leaves the body during sleep and travels very far, wherever it is taken by its desires and passions.

The soul is not the “I.” The soul is the Being. Distinguish between the Being and the “I.” The Being is the soul; the “I” is Satan within us.

Your body neither thinks nor desires; the body is only a suit, a robe. You think with the mind and the mind is a vehicle of the soul, however, when we are evil the mind becomes a vehicle of the devil. The diabolic mind wants wars, creates conflicts, problems, wants vices, alcoholic drinks, adulteries, fornication, covetousness, hypocrisy, etc.

The bee enjoys working. The ant is happy working. Learn to enjoy, and derive pleasure, from your job. When a store employee enjoys his work he radiates mental waves of success and progress. Then the sales increase and the employer is happy with his employee and does not want him to leave. Be concerned about the success of the business where you work. It is necessary that you earn your employer’s affection. Learn to smile sincerely. Learn to enjoy work. If you want people to feel happy with you, it is necessary that you feel happy with others. If you do not feel happy with your job, if you do not feel like smiling, we advise you to listen to good music; remember that music does miracles.

So, in this way, you will also be able to change your character. When we listen to good music, when we spend long intervals absorbed in listening to good music, we elevate our mind to higher levels of consciousness.

The mind radiates waves that travel through space and these waves pass from one brain to the next. A proof of the reality of these waves is found in telepathy. Many times, when we walk on the street and all of a sudden the memory of someone strikes us, it so happens that we meet the very person we remembered; that is telepathy. We attract that person’s mental waves and, at the same time, they reach us.

We have an authentic wireless system in our organism. The pineal gland, situated in the inferior part of the brain, is the thought-transmitting center and the solar plexus, situated in the umbilical region, is the receptive antenna. The pineal gland is the seat of the soul, the window of Brahma through which the soul enters and leaves the body. The pineal gland is a small reddish-gray organ. This gland secretes a hormone that regulates the development of the sexual organs. After maturity, this gland degenerates into a non-secreting, fibrous tissue.

The pineal gland is the jigsaw puzzle of the wise, the thought-transmitting center. This gland is developed in the great geniuses of science, art, philosophy, etc. and it is totally atrophied in idiots. Great businessmen and individuals who usually have great success in their business commonly have this gland well developed.

The pineal gland is intimately related to the sexual organs. The strength of the pineal gland depends on sexual strength. The man or woman who foolishly wastes his or her sexual energy fails in business because their pineal gland becomes atrophied. A weakened pineal gland cannot forcefully radiate mental waves. The result is failure.

Be prudent; do not waste your sexual energies foolishly. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not commit fornication.” Fulfill this sixth commandment; save your sexual energies and in this way you will fortify your pineal gland and inevitably succeed. In this manner, you will be able to radiate your mental waves with strength, power and glory. These mental waves, after having arrived at the receptive center (the solar plexus) of other people who come in contact with you, will give you the success that you seek. Be triumphant, always smile full of sincerity, live happily, work with pleasure and the world will be yours; luck will smile on you from everywhere.


In front of a mirror, contemplate your face closely and then pray in this manner: “My Soul, you should succeed. My Soul, you should overcome Satan. My Soul, take over my mind, my sentiments, my life. You should keep the Guardian of the Threshold far away from me. You should overcome him. You should take power over me totally. Amen. Amen. Amen.” Say this prayer seven times and then observe in the mirror your eyes, your pupils, the center of your pupils, the retina of your eyes and imagine them charged with light, strength and power. It is necessary that you try to mentally penetrate the interior of your eyes reflected in the mirror. It is necessary for you to try to see with your imagination the center of those reflected eyes, the beauty of your soul. It is necessary for you to exclaim saying, “Oh, my soul! I want to see you, I want to see you, I want to see you.”.

Intensely persevere daily with this exercise. Do your exercise every night before going to sleep. With this exercise you will develop clairvoyance. Practice for ten minutes daily.

That is all.


It is necessary that you know that a sixth sense exists. That sixth sense is clairvoyance.

This faculty resides in the pineal gland.

When you develop clairvoyance you will be able to read others’ thoughts like reading from an open book. When you become clairvoyant you will be able to see the soul of people. When you become clairvoyant you will be able to see the “I” of people and then you will comprehend that the soul is not the “I,” that the “I” is Satan in us.

Clairvoyance allows us to see what lies beyond death. You will develop clairvoyance totally with the exercises that we will give you. You should practice these exercises. We want you to write us, communicating all your impressions to us.


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