Introduction to Gnosis

First Degree of Introduction to Gnosis

This is the introductory degree to the Gnostic philosophical studies or external degree of Gnosis. It is natural that all studies will begin with this degree and eventually continue with the first, second, third degrees, etc. One should keep in mind that these are not the Gnostic esoteric degrees; the Gnostic esoteric degrees are received when the student is prepared for them. The esoteric degrees, which are the authentic ones, cannot be revealed by anyone who has received them; this is forbidden. Whoever says, I have so many degrees, so many initiations, is being dishonest.

If a person wants to become an engineer, lawyer, doctor, etc. he has to prepare himself for it. That person will go to school and study a great deal. After he has a good theoretical basis in the field he studied, he will begin to practice what he has learned.

Practice brings about perfection. The great sages, professionals, scientists, etc., have not merely come to attain a theoretical knowledge of their respective fields of study, but have also put this knowledge into practice. Theory by itself cannot bring about anything except an intellectual enjoyment on the part of those who understand it. Practice is needed.

Study these lessons but study them with true incentive, with the desire to learn, with the desire of understanding the superior knowledge. Remember that you need to put into practice what you learn if you want to achieve the perfection of the work.


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