The Great Rebellion

Chapter 18. The Psychological Country

Unquestionably, just as the External Country in which we live exists, so the psychological country also exists within ourselves.

People never ignore the town or region where they live, unfortunately, it happens that they do not know the psychological place where they are located.

At a given instant, anybody knows in which district or housing estate he finds himself, but it does not happen the same in the psychological field, normally people do not even remotely suspect the place to where they have got in their psychological country.

Just as in the physical world districts exist of decent and educated people, so it also happens in the psychological region of each one of us; there is no doubt that very elegant and beautiful districts exist.

Just as in the physical world there are districts or areas with most dangerous alleyways full of assailants, so the same also happens in the psychological region in our interior.

It all depends on the sort of people accompanying us, if we have drunkards as friends we will end up at the pub, and if they are gay dogs we will end up at the brothel.

Within our psychological country each one of us has his companions, his “I”S which will take one to where they must according to their psychological characteristics.

A virtuous and honourable woman, splendid wife, of exemplary conduct, living in a beautiful mansion in the physical world, could be located at dens of prostitution in her psychological country due to her lustful “I”S.

An honourable gentleman, of blameless honesty, splendid citizen, could be located at a den of thieves in his psychological region, due to very bad companions, “I”S of theft, very submerged in the unconscious.

A penitent anchorite, possibly a monk of a particular type living austerely in his cell, in some monastery, could psychologically be located in a district of murderers, gunmen, robbers, drug addicts, due precisely to infraconscious or unconscious “I”s deeply submerged among the most difficult bends of his psyche.

There is a reason why we have been told that there is much virtue in the wicked and much wickedness in the virtuous.

Many canonised saints still live in the psychological dens of theft or in houses of prostitution.

This which we are emphatically affirming could shock prudes, pietistical ones, learned ignoramuses, know-alls, but never shock true psychologists.

Although it might seem incredible, crime also hides among the incense of prayer, crime also hides among the cadences of verse, beneath the sacred dome of the most divine sanctuaries crime puts on the robes of sanctity and uses sublime words.

In the profound depths of the most venerable saints, live “I”S of brothel, theft, homicide, etc.

Infrahuman companions hidden in the unfathomable depths of the unconscious.

Much did the diverse saints of history suffer because of this reason; let us remember the temptations of Saint Anthony, all those abominations against which our brother Francis of Assisi had to fight.

Nevertheless, those saints did not say it all, and the majority of anchorites kept silent.

One is astonished by thinking that some penitent and most holy anchorites, live in the psychological districts of prostitution and theft.

But they are saints, and if they have not yet discovered those frightening things in their psyche, when they discover them, they will use cilices upon their flesh, they will fast, possibly flog themselves, and will plead with their divine mother KUNDALINI to eliminate from their psyche those bad companions which have got them into those dark dens in their own psychological country.

Much has been said about life after death and the beyond, by the different religions.

Poor people, let them not rack their brains any more about what is there on the other side, beyond the grave.

Unquestionably, after death each one of us goes on living in the same psychological district as always.

The thief will continue in the dens of thiefs; the lustful person will carry on in the houses of call, like a bird of ill omen; the irascible, the furious one will keep on living in the dangerous alleways of vice and anger, there where also the dagger glitters and pistol shots ring out.

The essence in itself is very beautiful, it came from above, from the stars and, regrettably, it finds itself inside all these “I”s which we carry within.

By opposition, the essence can retrace its steps, return to the original starting point, go back to the stars, but first it must free itself from its bad companions who have it put in the slums of perdition.

When Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua, distinguished christified masters, discovered within themselves the “I”s of perdition, they suffered indescribably and there is no doubt that, by means of conscious work and voluntary suffering, they achieved to reduce to cosmic dust the whole of the inhuman elements which were living within the m.

Unquestionably, those Saints Christified themselves and returned to the original starting point after having suffered a lot.

First of all, it is urgent, unpostponable, that the magnetic centre which is abnormally established in our false personality, is transferred to the essence, thus the complete man will be able to initiate his journey from the personality up to the stars, ascending in a progressive, didactic way, degree after degree up the mountain of the BEING.

As long as the centre of gravity continues to be established in our illusory personality we will live in the most abominable psychological dens, though in practical life we might be splendid citizens.

Each person has a magnetic centre which characterizes him; the businessman has the magnetic centre of business and because of this he develops in markets and attracts that which has an affinity, customers and merchants.

The man of science has the magnetic centre of science in his personality and subsequently attracts to himself all the things of science, books, laboratories, etc.

The esoterist has in himself the magnetic centre of esoterism and, as this kind of centre becomes different from the matters of personality, undoubtedly, for this reason transference occurs.

When the magnetic centre becomes established in the consciousness, in the essence, then the return of man to the stars begins.

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