The Great Rebellion

Chapter 3. Happiness

People work daily, they struggle to survive. Somehow they want to exist. However, they are not happy.

As people say, happiness is double dutch. However, worst of all is that people know this, but amid so much bitterness, it seems that they do not lose their hopes of reaching happiness one day, not knowing how or in what way. Poor people! How much they do suffer! Yet, they want to live, they are afraid of dying...

If people understood something about Revolutionary Psychology, it is possible that they would even think differently, but the fact is that they do not know anything. What they want is to survive in the midst of their misfortune and that is all. Moments exist which are both pleasant and very enjoyable, but they are not happiness. People confuse pleasure with happiness.

Debauched parties, pub crawls, getting drunk and orgies are brutish pleasures, but they are not happiness... There are however, wholesome parties without overindulgence, brutal behavior, the abuse of alcohol, etc, but that is not happiness either...

Are you a kind person? How do you feel when you are dancing? Are you in love? Do you really love? What does it feel like when you dance with the one you adore? Allow me to be a little bit cruel now in telling you that this is not happiness either.

If you are an old person, if you are not attracted to these pleasures, if they hold no savour for you, forgive me if I tell you that it would be different if you were young and full of illusions. At any rate, whatever you may say, parties or no parties, love or no love, with or without that which is called money, you are not happy even if you think the opposite.

We spend our life looking for happiness everywhere and die without ever having found it.

In Latin America there are many who hope to win the pools someday, they think that this way they will find happiness; some of them even actually win the pools but not because of this do they achieve that happiness they so much yearned for.

As a young man, one dreams of the perfect woman, a princess from the Arabian Nights, someone special; but harsh reality of facts comes afterwards: a wife, small children to support, difficult financial problems, etc. There is no doubt that as the children grow, problems increase and they may even become impossible to cope with...

Naturally, as children get bigger they need bigger shoes and these are more expensive, that is obvious.

Naturally, as children grow up, clothes are more and more costly. If you have money it is no problem, but if not, then it is a serious matter and there is a great deal of suffering.

All this would be more or less bearable with a good wife but if the man is betrayed, that is “cuckolded”, then what use is there for him in struggling to earn the housekeeping?

There are extraordinary examples, wonderful women, true companions through both fortune and misfortune; but then, to top it all, the man takes her for granted and even abandons her for other women who will embitter his life. There are many girls who dream of their “prince”, unfortunately, harsh reality is in fact different and they end up marrying a scourge of them.

The greatest illusion for a woman is to have a wonderful home and to be a mother: “blessed predestination”. However, even if she marries a good man, which is unlikely, all things come to pass in the end; sons and daughters get married and leave home or they are ungrateful to their parents, and the home finally comes to an end.

All in all, in this cruel world in which we live, happy people do not exist... All human beings are unfortunate: they are unhappy.

In life we encounter many “donkeys” who are loaded with money, burdened with problems, engaged in lawsuits, overtaxed, etc. They are not happy.

What is the use of being rich if one does not have good health? Poor rich people!

Sometimes they are more miserable than any beggar.

Everything passes in life: things, people, ideas, etc. Those who have money and those who have none also pass, and nobody knows genuine happiness.

Many people try to escape from themselves by taking drugs or alcohol. In fact, not only do they fail to escape but worse, they get trapped in the hell of vice.

When an addict resolves to change his life, the friends that he associated with when involved with alcohol, marijuana or L.S.D., disappear as if by magic.

Happiness is not achieved by running away from the “Myself”, from the “Self”; instead it would be interesting to confront oneself boldly, to observe the “I”, to study it in order to discover the causes of suffering. When we discover the real cause of so much misery and bitterness, then obviously, we can do something about it...

If one manages to finish with the “Myself”, with “My Getting Drunk”, with “My Vices”, with “My Affections” which are so painful in my heart, with those worries that are ravaging my brains and making me ill, etc, etc; clearly, then, that which is timeless comes, that which is beyond the body, affections and the mind, that which is truly unknown to the understanding and is called: HAPPINESS!.

Unquestionably, while the consciousness remains bottled in the “MYSELF”, in the “SELF”, it can in no way know real happiness.

Happiness has a flavour that the “SELF”, the “MYSELF”, has never ever known

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