Element: Water
Planet:: Mars
Metal: Magnet
Precious Stone: Topaz
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Plant: Oak
Perfume: Coral
Regency: Sexual Organs
Date: Oct 23- Nov 22
Color: Red
Key Word: Action
Ruler: Samael
Day: Tuesday
Zodiacal Genies:Richol and Saissaiel

In the practice we’ve been able to verify that those born in Scorpio suffer half of life, even have a love that brings up great bitterness

but on the other half of life everything changes and luck betters remarkably.

The natives of Scorpio have tendency to anger and revenge, barely forgive someone. Scorpio women are always threatened to get widow

and go through financial problems during on their fist part of life, due to experience, they do much better on they’re second part of life.

The natives of Scorpio are full of energy, ambitious, quiet, and sincere. The natives of Scorpio are, as friends, truly friends, sincere and loyal, capable of sacrifice for friendship, but as enemies they are frightful, revenges, dangerous.