From Television, Congress and Lectures of Samael Aun Weor (in Spanish)

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Egyptians Mummies

1.- Egyptian Mummies.- (1460 kb)  
2.- Martes Lobsan Rampa (769 kb)
3.- The profanation (763 kb)Quetzalcoatl


1.- Wath is the Alchemy (808 kb)
2.- Cience and Alchemy (786 kb)
3.- The Transmutacion (813 kb)
4.- Raimundo Lulio (1500 kb)
5.- Saint Germain (858 kb)
6.- Nicolás Flamel (818 kb)
7.- Derviches (737 kb)

Simbolism of the Bulls

Art of the Bulls (1511 kb)
bullfighting esoteric (1055 kb)


Simbolism of the Sphinx (2090 kb)
The Sphinx and the Atlantis (737 kb)